Savannah, GA

After the amazing atmosphere and elegant beauty of Charleston, I was expecting something of the same in Savannah, only more quaint. As one of the more progressive cities during American history it didn’t seem to have much of a civil rights impact past the civil war, and so I wasn’t expecting much cerebral activity, more of a visit seeing much beauty and relaxing with a drink of some description.

As soon as I arrived it was clear that Savannah was the different to Charleston. Whilst Charleston was incredible as a city with lots to do and an amazing atmosphere, Savannah was the opposite, with tonnes to see, but actually not that much to do save relax with a beer (which you are allowed outside!!!).

Savannah was easily the most beautiful place I’ve seen in the states so far, with many historic civil war squares spread throughout a large historic district. What was particularly cool was the way that the city seemed to just stop outside the historic centre, meaning there was rarely a time when I was walking through an aesthetically poor area.

One of the particular highlights was the Bonaventure Cemetery, which was located outside the city but was only a couple of miles to walk to. Located on the banks of the Wilmington River, I have rarely been to a more peaceful spot, with some very old graves conveying a sense of quiet even when maintenance lorries would go to and fro around the border.


Bonaventure cemetery

The sunset on the Savannah River on the first night was also spectacular, seen from the bank of the river as I ate a clam sandwich, washed down with a beautifully balanced Georgia peach beer, which was amazing, despite what it sounds like!


Sunset on Savannah River

Whilst I would definitely go back to Savannah, I did feel that I had done most of the city itself and so perhaps a car would be needed to explore some of the islands around. However, sitting in the park for several hours reading my book and waiting for my bus was very much appreciated after walking over 10 miles a day in 40 degree heat for the last week!


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